I had the chance of learning photography more like doing than going to school for it. Ferranti-Dege was a family business owned up in Boston (Cambridge) where I ended it up working in their Photo Lab for color developing. Experimenting and trying, talking and listening to friends (Co-workers) over there, I managed to understand the different process of Photography and its beauty.

The “Analog Days,” as they say, was messing around with slide film, Polaroid cameras, cross-processing, pulling and pushing film, enlargers, medium formats, fiber papers, etc. I really enjoy and appreciate the chance that was given to me back then. Time has passed, and photography has changed with the seasons into the digital era of imagery and megapixels.

Today I work as a freelance Photograper and Designer, but still like to play around with toy plastic cameras. Mastering the process of capturing light is an awesome journey it never stops to impress and inspire me.



Photo by Chien Chiang (@jojochien)